Specialty Cuts: We offer a full range of specialty hair cuts designed to enhance your natural appearance and add a unique touch of style. 

Designer Beards: With our experts at HeadZup, we understand how much your facial hair affects your lifestyle. We will provide you with a high-quality beard prep and beard design experience that leaves the skin smooth and the follicles refreshed. 

Hot Shave: Our signature hot shaves will have you coming back when you need them. A classic hot towel shave complete with essential oils and a relaxing towel treatment. 

Scissor Cuts: Scissor cuts not only enhance your natural features, but it is healthier for the hair. It also helps to accentuate the hairline by cutting it at just the right length. 

Razor Cut: A razor cut is super stylized and focuses on providing the hair with a wispy appeal. 

Braids & Locks: As braiding experts, we know exactly how to braid or moisturize your locks for a hairstyle that enhances hair health. 

Clipper Cut: A clipper cut is a faster, precision cut that’s a usually shorter length. It’s desirable for a close, suede shave.

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